February 04, 2018

Organizational Leadership for the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Emerging Research and Opportunities

Peter A.C. Smith (The Leadership Alliance Inc., Canada) and John Pourdehnad (University of Pennsylvania, USA)
Release Date: February, 2018|Copyright: © 2018 |Pages: 125


Digital technology has transformed business and management methodology in the modern era. As technologies continue to evolve and change, designing a platform for business architecture requires flexibility and practicality.

Organizational Leadership for the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Emerging Research and Opportunities provides the latest research on the approaches to dealing successfully with newly emerging digital technologies and the dynamic complexity leaders are facing now and in the future. While highlighting topics such as business architecture, interactive planning, and strategic capital, this book explores the implications of technologies on business and leadership as well as the development of leadership methods and applications. This book is an important resource for professionals, practitioners, upper-level students, and managers seeking current research on leadership and business advancement in the digital era.

Topics Covered

The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to:

  • Business Architecture
  • Complex Environments
  • Digital Technologies
  • Human-Centered Environment
  • Interactive Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Retrospective and Prospective Reflections
  • Strategic Capital

Organizational Leadership for the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Emerging Research and Opportunities


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January 23, 2018

Corruption: Its Nature, Causes, and Cures


Russell L. Ackoff, Raul Carvajal, Thomas A. Cowan, Ali Geranmayeh, Aron Katsenelinboigen and Sanjay Sharan

Of the:

Busch Center, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 19104

December 1980

Table of Contents:

  1. The meaning of corruption
  2. The Causes of corruption: A review of the literature
  3. The causes of corruption: A synthetic view
  4. On prevention and cure: A review of the literature
  5. On prevention and cure: A synthetic view

Download Corruption nature causes and cure

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January 18, 2018

A Revolution In Organizational Concepts

By Russell L. Ackoff

Naval War College Review

January 1972

The postwar period has been variously referred to as the postindustrial age or the age of the computer. However, to best appreciate the fundamental changes characteristic of our era, we must address ourselves  to the revolutionary new kinds of thinking being considered and adopted throughout our society. Analyzing traditional patterns of thought and conceptualization, Dr. Ackoff demonstrates how modern approaches to problem solving differ fundamentally in philosophic terms from past practices. He suggests that all major organizational questions facing us today relate either to system design or the relationship of the organization with its human and natural environments.

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December 05, 2017

A Quote from Russell Ackoff

Ackoff & Organizations

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September 25, 2017

Dr. Russell Ackoff, Design is the Answer

by Haley Campbell

Dr. Russell Ackoff was an architect, system thinker, and philosopher who constantly studied human systems and human behavior. Although, one of the most fascinating systems of human behavior he examined was problem solving.

His overall mantra seemed to mimic the famous Albert Einstein quote:

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”
— Albert Einstein

Like Einstein, Ackoff thrived on creative thinking and would constantly shift boundaries to reframe problems, including the problem of problems and problem solving. How very meta of him.

He explained his thinking so beautifully, when he said, “a problem is to reality what an atom is to a table. People experience tables not atoms”. We experience the whole, and reality is a whole mess of problems interacting simultaneously. “Reality is a system of problems”.

Dr. Russell Ackoff, Design is the Answer

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August 06, 2017

Russell L. Ackoff | Posthumous Business Influencer

Russell L Ackoff (1919-2009) was a founding member of the system thinking movement. He was an organizational theorist and pioneer in operations research and management science. He was the first doctoral student of C. West Churchman. They later spent time together at Case Institute of Technology in Cleveland, Ohio. Later they founded the systems thinking movement. Russell L. Ackoff translated data to wisdomHe once worked for D. Edwards Deming at the U.S. Census Bureau. Peter Drucker acknowledged that Russell L. Ackoff had made critical contributions to his work. Russell L. Ackoff authored or co-authored 35 books and over 150 journal articles, including the popular From Data to Wisdom.

Russell L. Ackoff developed empirical inquiry techniques and theory concerning interdisciplinary and interdependent system dynamics. He was a master reductionist about decision making in organizations. Russell L. Ackoff sought to amplify organizational learning across  displines, especially for nonlinear, transdisciplinary modelling sciencea. In the end, he sought to create better understanding so that people were focused on the correct root cause issues so that they could be successful.

Russell L. Ackoff | Posthumous Business Influencer

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July 03, 2017

Project On Purpose

BY Mark D. Steele
17.06.06 front cover w blurb

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May 23, 2017

The Powerful Emotion Connection to Productivity

By Jonathan McClellan | May 16, 2017 | Blog Posts

Dr. W. Edwards Deming understood, probably better than anybody on this planet, the power of connections in business. More importantly, he understood the impact connections had on business productivity, success and prosperity. Deming was the architect of Total Quality Management and recognized for his instrumental role in Japan’s industrial recovery and growth after the devastation of World War II. His grasp of the principles of efficiency, quality, innovation, employee involvement and the critical role of management to guide, inspire and nurture productivity is legendary.

The Powerful Emotion Connection to Productivity


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March 31, 2017

Air Traffic Control Is Not The Real Cause Of Airline Delays

"Further, airlines look to local fixes - let’s save fuel, let’s improve baggage, let’s optimize pilot schedules, let’s charge for bags, etc. But these local fixes often negatively impact the overall result.

Conversely, as numerous industries have proven, it is systems thinking and logistics that will win the day for passengers and shareholders.

If we have a system of improvement that is directed at improving the parts taken separately, you can be absolutely sure that the performance of the whole will not be improved, and that can be rigorously proven”. (Russ Ackoff)

Professor Ackoff’s statement perfectly highlights the problem with airline/ATC solutions for the last 40 years--local solutions trying to improve system operation/efficiency. In other words, when it comes to improving the current airline/ATC operation, we continue to mistakenly work to make the parts better, without regard to system affects. Think Whack-a-Mole.

Once the leadership is in place, with the cross departmental responsibility/authority to put the passengers where they were promised, when they were promised, the next step is the vision to implement the actual system process."

Air Traffic Control Is Not The Real Cause Of Airline Delays

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February 28, 2017

A Lifetime of Systems Thinking -- Russell L. Ackoff


When one reaches 80, one is considered to be ripe and ready for picking. Picking usually consists of the pickers asking the pickee to reflect back on the wisdom he has gained over his lifetime. This request is based on the false assumption that wisdom increases with age. The pickee is then expected to share with the pickers the bits of wisdom he or she may have accumulated. Unfortunately, my bag of wisbits is empty. Whatever I may have once possessed, I have dissipated in my writings.

Pickers may also falsely assume that the clarity with which one can foresee the future increases with age. The fact is that whatever we can see clearly about the future we will take steps to prevent from happening. As Kenneth Boulding once said, If we saw tomorrow’s newspaper today, tomorrow would never happen. Unfortunately, as you know, I have no interest in forecasting the future, only in creating it by acting appropriately in the present. I am a founding member of the Presentology Society.

I have no interest in forecasting the future, only in creating it by acting appropriately in the present. I am a founding member of the Presentology Society.

I also have no interest in reconstructing the past as I would like it to have been. I learned from it precisely because it wasn’t what I expected, which also explains why I don’t remember it. Furthermore, you cannot learn from my mistakes, only from your own. I want to encourage, not discourage, your making your own.

Now where do these self-indulgent reflections leave me? Not surprisingly, where I want to be: discussing the most important aspect of life, having fun. For me there has never been an amount of money that makes it worth doing something that is not fun. So I’m going to recall the principal sources of the fun that I have experienced.

A Lifetime of Systems Thinking

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